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Jim Benson's The Multi-Orgasmic Lover program free download PDF & videos. I was listening to a radio program one time & men were calling to express their non approval of ladies that can’t cook and out of the blues a Lady called to share how most women fake orgasm just to please their men for most of them don’t know how to satisfy their women. And this brings me to say if most ladies fake orgasm for they want to keep their men leaving their men not develop themselves in the act. For most men that might be a slap on them but the men need to study their ladies body type to get them in that level. It is not just go in & out of your lady. There are many places on a woman body that arouses her sexually and are to be discovered by the touches of a man.There are some ladies that just your look can turn them on & makes their response to your touch easy but some you have to really find their touch-response spots(my English) for them to enjoy your works on their bodies. All ladies don’t respond the same way..