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Monster Mass Training System by Pat Davidson PDF free download. People are put into our lives for various reasons. The trick is…to be receptive to their message and find out why they are. Maybe I was put in your life to ramble about my training escapades and my random musings about life.

But if I could be serious for a minute…


I was having a conversation today with one of my dear, sweet clients (can you tell I know she’ll be reading this?) and we talked about our lives and how they intersect…and it’s funny. I seem to fill a need for her within the lines of motivation within the fitness realm and keeping her expectations realistic about goals…while she regularly has called me out about being a walking disaster in my dating life and doing the things that I need to do to grow my business.


It’s kind of crazy. She is a strong woman who I can tell is a tough manager to work for if you’re not on point at her work…yet somehow I get to see the softer side that wants to see a result while being able to manage a superhuman schedule.


I am a loose cannon that she somehow breaks down by asking tough questions and holding me accountable for doing the things that I intend to, yet I experience fear that I make excuses for not doing. She gets the best out of me…and it’s often what I need.

I try to be the catalyst for people to make positive changes.