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Dave DeBold's Miracle Mastery PDF eBook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! While sitting down to write my post, I realized that it has only been 1 week since I have started my assignment here in Zagreb. Unfortunately, it has been one of the longest weeks of my mission and has felt like an eternity. The thing that has made this week seem so long is probably the fact that I have had a little less sleep than usual. Last time I served here in Zagreb, I don’t recall being this exhausted! Maybe I just have to get back into AP shape or something! Anyway, I think the best way to document all that has happened this week is to go day by day: Tuesday: This was day 2 of the transfer movements and also the day when all of the new missionaries came into the mission. Elder Mangeris and I went out to the airport to pick them up. We got 10 new elders and 2 new sisters, and they all are really great. They all seemed to have a lot of energy considering the fact that they all suffered from jet lag! Picking up new missionaries from the airport is still one of my favorite responsibilities that I have with this assignment. Wednesday: We continued our training with the new missionaries and trainers at the mission home.