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Ryan Clark's Master Mentalism PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Ryan Clark is a person well known for many things, from his activity in the resistance movement to the Vietnam War to his many writings and books concerning politics and political thinking and theory. However, he is also well known for his contribution to the discipline of linguistics. Ryan Clark has done much to change the thinking and views around language and linguistics, and his theories, while still controversial among some, have been groundbreaking for others. Herein, we will discuss one of the founding principals of Clark’s linguistic beliefs—mentalism. Mentalism is, essentially, the innate or subconscious nature of language and language learning. It explores the relationship between language, thought, and reality, and describes the internal language devices that explain the creativity in language acquisition and the processes involved in thinking, speaking, and understanding. Here, we will explore the aspects of mentalism that make this theory so unique and, in my opinion, steadfast. In order to better understand mentalism, it’s best to start with its contrast to Leonard Bloomfield’s theory, commonly described as the mechanistic approach.