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Heather Matthew's Book Manifestation Miracle free download PDF. Ironically, the last post does show the need of paying more attention to detail; Lashkmi is the correct spelling lol. But again, it proves that I am consumed in artistic thinking which is a bonus as I have been through years of schooling where typos are seen as sin. Albeit there still needs to be a focus on my attention to detail; and this is something that I am aware of needing to incorporate ; particularly at work. Anyway, I am going through a theme of overthinking what is right and wrong. I am lucky enough to now know someone who is also into the same spiritual curiosity as I am; and the forces of the universe seem to bring us together whenever I am feeling lost or lonely. We don’t even need to exchange numbers that’s how cool riding on the same frequency is. I bumped into this “spiritual” (he hates that word) acquaintance this week right after finishing work. Not gonna lie, not everything he says made sense to me; but it’s not always meant to and I can see he needs some room for growth too but his advice is very comforting.