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The Magic Of Making Up eBook by TW Jackson free download in PDF format. A 34-year-old man was dating a JHS 2 girl, and only a wall separated their houses. The girl's mother was a kenkey seller, but her father was a retired soldier. The girl had to wake up at dawn each day, to prepare the kenkey for her mother before she went to school. Anytime she woke up at dawn, the 34-year-old man would jump over the wall to her house, and satisfy himself sexually in the kitchen before the girl starts to prepare the kenkey. This continued for a while in their relationship. One day, the girl was ill and she couldn't wake up at dawn so her father woke up to prepare the kenkey....oh please hold on, I just got a call, let me finish and I'll continue... I want to date but I won't tell you all the girls I talk to daily but when you find it and do the same I make you feel bad in till I can get you to believe my lie and it's your fault. I will tell u about wanting a family and marrying you and do things to make you think so but I won't be thinking about you when I'm not home. I'd make u forgive me and take me back and still message girls. I'll get you pregnant and be there enough but just play with your head in till your not sure about life.