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Lovetraction Lines book by Simone Myers free download (.pdf). I’m going to allow myself this one time to be very painfully cliche. We’ve known each other for a long time. We can still count the years that we’ve been together on one hand, but those years have been enough for us to grow together. I can still remember the first time we talked. What was supposed to be small talk on a routine cigarette break before bed turned into a 2-hour conversation. I can still remember how I couldn’t hear you when I asked you what your name is. And I still couldn’t hear you after you repeated it about three times, during which I noticed you becoming visibly annoyed already. So I just nodded to indicate that I got it even though I didn’t. So I spent the next few days not really knowing what your name is. When I went to bed the night that we met, I saw a weird insect bite on my left ankle that itched like hell. I remember a voice in my head saying “You’ve been bitten”. I knew it didn’t mean that in the literal sense.