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Love Commands PDF manual by Scott Foster full download. Feel free to share this book with your followers on Facebook! I don’t know when I knew it was over. Maybe I always knew one day it would end, because really, how often do first loves become forever loves? Maybe it was a gradual disintegration from day one – like the degradation of a compound, it’s half-life immediately ticking away. We were long-distance so most of my memories of the end are a blur of text messages, frustrating phone calls, and tearful nights. I said I was fine, but after the biweekly frat parties or village, bar crawls the tears always came. I could not lock them behind my eyeballs any longer. You were everything to me and I was everything to you and we were unhealthy. The love was real but we were frail. The closest thing to a breakup moment was that time you drove up to LA to talk. We had already drawn our swords with fighting words the night before. “It’s over.” “Fine.” Click. Walking parallel on the sidewalk we bled silently.