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Learn Photo Editing course free download (PDF & Videos).  While I try to gather by budget, I never stopped learning and reading about photography. Until I will have the camera so I can truly start down this road I discover new things every day. I observed a certain aspect in a pro photographer's career that is used by everyone without fail: post-processing. Apparently no matter how good you are, in certain conditions, you can only get the best of a certain photo. Even though you have the best conditions (starting with the camera and ending with the weather outside) every photo can be substantially improved with image software (Photoshop, Corel Paint Shop, and so on). Since I’m in the beginning and for the moment buying a full license for the latest Photoshop is inaccessible for me right now, I decided to go with a basic Photoshop version (Adobe Photoshop CS3) to brush on my skills and start applying some of the concepts I read and see online. There are tons of tutorials out there (starting with a basic google search or a YouTube search) out of which you can choose exactly the direction and final product your work would look like. Below I added some images (thanks to Pinterest) to “paint” the final product I would like my work to look like.