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Meredith Shirk's Lean Belly Now sugar detox guide PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Everyone has days where they just don’t feel like working out, they lack motivation and don’t know where to find it again. I’ve been having a few of them myself, but I usually manage to pick myself back up. Here’s some stuff I do: Firstly – look at your progress photos, be proud of all your hard work and inspire yourself! Sometimes it feels like you’re not getting anywhere, but trust me, you are! Every workout counts towards your end goal, I find progress photos are the best way to remind yourself of that. Next, try going to the gym (weird one I know) but for me as soon as I’m in the gym and start my workout I usually seem to find my motivation and end up enjoying it! Also, if you’re there then you might as well workout…trick yourself! Remember working out releases endorphins and helps you stay positive! Finally, if you really can’t find the motivation then just have a night in and relax! It’s not going to hurt to have an unplanned rest day once in a while! Don’t knock yourself down if you’re just not feeling it, try again tomorrow! Visit this page to read Lean Belly Now – 5-Day Belly Shrinking Solution by Meredith Shirk.