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Felicity Keith's Language Of Desire ebook download in PDF format. I sat talking of hopelessness and then you were there.  I sat wasting of boredom, listing with uselessness, bored with being used and used to being bored.  I want you to be real.  I want you to be what I imagine you to be.  That’s the thing about love–it can never be as good as the imagination will promise.  Thus, when minds and souls run away to imaginary places with imaginary people,  the human messes we meet are turned into works of art.  And our silly hapless minds create thrilling sadless worlds, where love is real, and time moves slowly, and your hand fits perfectly in mine. It’s been so long since I felt something real.  Since I felt real hope about actually meeting someone I wanted to be around.  Grabbing drinks or dinner or more with him and him and him while parts of my soul dried up and pieces of my heart gave up.  Perhaps all of my soul, perhaps all of my heart, as my life unraveled into the trainwreck it is, and people’s eyes hold pity and not admiration.  And hope is a feeling of the past and love’s safely contained in movie screens.