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Introduction to Basic Electronics PDF eBook by Greg Carpenter full download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Today seemed like a good day for cleaning out junk drawers, and I’m proud to say I successfully completed half that job! While looking through the heaps of crap I absolutely need, I came across a questionable stepper motor driver and stepper motor. Odds are the reason I had it is because it doesn’t work, but of course, I’m not going to throw it out without testing, and with a three-year-old repeatedly asking “what’s that?” it seemed like I had no choice but to hook it up and start screwing around. The stepper driver is a pretty standard type, it takes two input signals, one tells it which way and the other says how many. Steps that are. So where do I get these signals? I have a raspberry pi that floats around my bench that I can make use of when I need some GPIO. Ignore the rainbow of other wires going to the right in the photo, they’re from another project that I can’t disconnect because I’m totally going to finish it someday. The only ones that matter here are the three wires going southbound. Those three wires are STEP, DIR, and GND.