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Human Anatomy & Physiology course by James Ross free download (pdf & video files). Okay, yes it's true that there are a lot of white's that dance well. As you see this young man did an outstanding job, but I'm sorry to say it white people... black folks as a whole still have way better moves than us. They usually invent the moves, and we copy them lol. In my opinion, and I'm not some scientist of the human anatomy or anything, but I believe that African Americans are built differently and usually again in my opinion, naturally stronger. White people can dance, play sports, and anything else athletically. I just think that the white people have to try a little harder, not that black people don't have to try hard as well. I just think they have more of an edge, and it might come a little more naturally. I personally can't dance or play sports very well. This is all hypothetical speaking lol.