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How to Turn Traffic and Trust into Sales Ebook by Nick Rees free download in PDF format. Why keep spending your money on fake promises that only they, never you, make money with? Did you know that the only money these liars make is by selling you those how much you could make lies as soon as you buy their latest get rich quick promise that will only make them, never you richer?
Of all the so called online millionaires, only about 3% of them really are millionaires while the rest are selling you empty promises just to get your money? Worse still, they lure you in with a very low price. As soon as you buy you are re-directed to another web page telling you that to get what they sold you to do all that they promised for say $7, you will now have to pay another say $97, but they don't stop there? After you hand over more money, they hit you with more up-sells, such as a video version for another $67 a month, then more upsells until your amazing get rich within 15 minutes software or whatever will cost you $hundreds and still won't make you a cent! People, stop buying all these trash scams and instead invest in proper training that will truly make it possible to make money online? After all to really make money online you need the following:
1. A solution to a problem that 1000's of people every day are searching to solve, and are able and willing to pay you for it? In other words, find buyers not a product!
2. In order to get them to trust that you really can resolve their problem, first you have to prove to them that you know about and have the solution they desperately need?
3. You need to build a relationship with them.
4. To do that you give them free part solutions and show them you care and are not like the other 99% simply out to fleece them of their cash?
5. This is best done by getting them to join your mailing list, or social media private page where they can see that you have helped others solve their problems and you know how to solve their's as well?
6. Once trust has been established, only then offer them the full solution and back up the product with a cast iron guarantee and referrals if you have them? Never invent fake referrals!
To succeed you need products, a well designed website, an autoresponder, web hosting, your own domain, a well written follow up e-mail sequence, and so on.... To succeed, you need to invest in yourself, to learn in your spare time, the right way to create an internet marketing business that will earn you money that over the months ahead will grow. A business that will last a lifetime and possibly change your life from mediocre to beyond your wildest imagination? Go here now if you want to succeed or keep failing?