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How to Build a Classic Physique PDF eBook by Matt Marshall full version download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Ugh, it’s been a busy week, but somehow it seems to be taking an eternity to pass! I wanted to update you guys on my recent runs, including the one last Wednesday where I made my own personal record! I jogged 2.01 miles in 32.38 minutes, which is way faster than anything I’ve done before! I’ve been trying to think what might have been different about this one outing, and I think I might have pinned it down. Lately, I’ve been moving away from timing intervals. These days I warm up with a walk (as usual), and then I just kind of go at a pace that’s comfortable and kinda fun. I try not to think about how long I can last at that pace, whatever it is. I just sort of getting lost in my own thoughts and let my body tell me when it’s time to slow down or start walking again. It’s kind of weird because conventional wisdom (and also research. Lots and lots of research) says that when you set specific, challenging goals, your performance will tend to improve. Generally, I think this is true. But I also think that each person is an individual, and what tends to work for most people most of the time doesn’t always work best for some people. For me personally, goal setting around running is more discouraging than anything. I’m still getting into the groove of things and learning to read my own body. Some days, not making it to the end of a set interval crushes me and ruins motivation for the rest of the run.