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How To Make Him Desire You Alex Carter eBook PDF free download. What makes love grow faster in a relationship is ATTENTION. When you give plenty of attention to your partner, it rekindles the love between the both of you. Attention can even make love to begin to exist where there was no love before. If a lady did not like a guy before, but if the guy keeps seeing her and giving her attention all the time, there is a high probability that the lady will begin to love the guy gradually. The power of attention cannot be under estimated. In marriages, wife cheats on her husband when the husband does not have time for his wife and does not give adequate attention to the wife. Some men do not have time for their wives because of their businesses; they travel for several months leaving the wife alone. Women love attention so much. Therefore, create enough time to give attention to your partner. The more you give attention, the more the love grows. If you are in a distant relationship, you can give attention to your partner through regular and constant phone calls, text messages, regular and daily chats via social media, etc. It goes a long way to keep two hearts connected.