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Howdy, I'll get right to the point: bugging out can be downright dangerous, because so many things can go wrong... Here are 5 of the most critical ones:

#1. Other people. They will be desperate, they will be hungry. They might want your supplies.

#2. Blocked roads. In an SHTF situation, you can almost count on traffic jams. Get caught in one and you won't make it out.

#3. Car breakdown. Whether you hit someone or something, or an angry mobs attacks you, you might have to abandon it and, with it, all your supplies.

#4. Family issues. If your spouse or kid starts to panic, an evacuation is going to be much harder.

#5. Medical issues. A serious cold could mean you won't be able to drive and make quick decisions. Worse yet, if you get injured, you're done.

To prevent all of these, Dan F. Sullivan made an eye opening video that I urge you to watch right now {link}.

You need to prep to bug out EVEN IF you think you'll be bugging in. You have take every aspect into consideration.