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How To Be Soul Strong Pdf book by Tammy Lawrence risk free download. Like many of you, I have had these feelings more times than I can count, they are the bane- and beauty- of existence. I do think though, that there are a few people we come across in life that mate with our souls. I think it is anyone you meet in a transformative way, someone who becomes one with your soul and leaves you with a piece of them forever. Someone who has shattered the walls around your heart that you have spent so much time building as a defense. Someone who lassos your heart and slowly, and sometimes painfully, starts bringing it to the surface, to the light. I have been lucky enough to have had a few of these people in my life. Some, who I’ve met from a different part of the world, took my little picture of life and gave me a bigger one. They popped the tiny bubble I was living in and gave me a whole new world- excitement, fearlessness, culture, adventure, doing things from good, pure hearts and lots and lots of laughter and joy in the simplest of moments. And then there was the other one. The one who called out all of my poker faces, who really “came in like a wrecking ball” and shattered all of my defenses, who made me put down my weapons, who gave me a mirror and forced me to break the surface of my reflection. He came to like a storm, fierce, ferocious but magnificent, a calm in the chaos. He shifted everything in my life and with the destruction planted new seeds in my soil. After being in the dark I have finally broken the earth and am starting to sprout, again. For me, that is a soul mate, they are the sun who brings the seasons of destruction and rebirth, love and heartbreak, death and rebirth. They’re the real people who have also hurt and been in the dark. They’re the people that make you want to be better, that have you reaching for more, for the light that's always moving. They’re the people who may not be forever, but will definitely be a diamond on your soul- valuable, strong, radiant.