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How I Kissed Insulin Goodbye PDF book download. Feel free to share Denise Lorraine's guide with your followers on Twitter. I have quite a regimented eating routine, which my body kind of relies on. But I am trying to change it this week (based on something our lecturer said*). I am leaving longer breaks between eating and trying to make sure my meals keep me fuller for longer. I am finding the psychological aspect of this tricky, as my “routine” eating is deep-rooted. But it feels quite good listening to my hunger pangs instead of watching the clock. Doing this exercise, I realized I worry quite a bit about getting to the stage where I have “panic hunger” – the kind I get where my blood sugar drops and I crave sweet stuff. I think this has led me to continuously “top up” even if I don’t need it. I am learning to go against this line of thinking and to only eat if I really need to (i.e. If I have physical hunger symptoms). I still have a tea and biscuit as my mid-morning snack, but so far my efforts to extend times between food have been going well. Tired of annoying daily insulin shots??