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How I Cured My Barrett’s Esophagus PDF Ebook by Jay Holt full & legal download. Feel free to share this guide with your followers on Twitter. I have a bulging disk that is sitting on my sciatic nerve and causing neuropathy pain in my back, pain in my legs and feet. I have a hernia on my tailbone causing weekness in my legs. I have arthritis in my neck causing cervicogenic headaches. I have gerd and barrets esophagus so I can not take medicine that would take the pain away. This past week I have had acid in the back of my throat making me sick to my stomic. I have titinitus and this week the ringing in my ears has been so loud I feel deaf and keep asking people to repeat themselves. I feel like my Doctors are doing nothing. I'm just frustrated/angry and depressed so I called off my 3.5 hour cashier shift tonight because of this and the fact that emotionally right now I'm a basket case. So here I sit feeling guilty as hell for not going to work when I know they desperately need cashier's. So here's the thing, My whole adult life I have been a employee who goes to work sick and in pain. I never used to call out no matter how much pain I was in or how sick I was. I did pretty much anything I was asked to do. I feel like I have been an awesome worker and what has it got me? A big fat nothing. There is no prize for trudging along and pushing yourself beyond your limits. Very likely you will not be appreciated or given any cheers for your effort. Unless you happen to be one of the lucky popular kids (in what case you can pretty much do nothing and get all kinds of rewards) but if like me your not I would advise you to rethink your position. If you receive nothing other than a curt hey thanks you might want to stop the insanity.