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High Carb Fat Loss eBook PDF download by Rusty Moore & Mark Kislich. I’m sure you have heard the arguments as often as I have. Which is more important for weight loss, diet, or exercise? Well, before we get into that, let’s talk about the whole issue of weight loss. Weight loss does NOT equal good health. Cut off one of your legs and you will have instant weight loss. Are you healthier? I think not. Google pictures of anorexics. Are they healthy? What do you think? So, before you get into that perennial new years’ resolution to lose weight, first think about what your goal really is. Are you a type 2 diabetic who is trying to lose fat to improve your health? Are you trying to lower your blood pressure? Do you just want to feel better? Or is it like most people and you just want to look good? All of the above are great reasons to make a change. Just know what you want and why you want it before getting serious. You will be more successful than the average person who just thinks they should drop a quick 10 pounds. The real key is fat loss.