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Claudine Henderson's Gout Diet Guide PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! I haven’t been able to walk normally (pain-free, without the assistance of meds) for over 2 months. The damn right leg muscle issues have been lingering for that long now. The past week has been especially tough, due to a gout attack, on my right foot, that I kind of saw coming. Last Saturday, I drove down to Vallejo to put up new Christmas lights on the parentals house. Afterward, for lunch, I had Bud’s. I don’t have Bud’s every time I’m in the V, but because I did “something” “strenuous”, like an oil change or putting up lights, I like to reward myself. If that was it, I would’ve been absolutely fine. But later that evening, I went to my cousin’s bday party in Brentwood. Forgoing a traditional Filipino menu, they had (of all things) a taco bar, which normally would’ve been awesome, but their only meat options were pulled pork and ground beef (no chicken!!). AND they had a bowl of chicharron, which for whichever evil reasons, were the size of popped popcorn, so it was super easy to eat, AND they kept on refilling bowl whenever it got low. I knew immediately that that was gonna hurt me. I just didn’t realize how long it works hurt me… The following Sunday, I could barely put any weight on my right foot. It felt like I broke the F*ck outta my ankle. It also felt like my right leg muscle issues weren’t getting any better either. I end up working from home on Monday, and I also emailed my doc about all this. He had me get an x-ray of my knee to see if there was anything structurally wrong, and also a blood test to check my uric levels. Of course, it was gout, I knew that already. But I guess the x-ray confirms that my knee is ok, and it’s just the muscles around it that still need to heal? I guess…I swear my dog doesn’t really care for my health. I asked for a note so that I can park at my office so that I don’t have to walk as far so that my leg can heal faster.