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Girl Gets Ring ebook download (.pdf). Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! As a man why can’t I say no? Women have bought into this stereotype that all men are horny and want to have sex all the time. I’m not going to sit here and lie, yes a lot of men do want sex a lot of the time. Maybe most of the time but not all. This is a dangerous thing. Us men are being programmed to want sex all the time and never turn it down. If we do we’re labeled as gay or faulty, well if the woman in question is attractive in any way, shape or form. Why can’t I just not want to have sex right now? Don’t get me wrong if you catch me any other time just glancing my way you will turn me on and I’ll give you strokes that will send you to the afterlife and back. Have you asking all the women I’m your family tree on advice on how to handle this. Have your eyes rolling back quicker than the icons on slot machines. But right now just leave me be.