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Formula 1 Lotto System PDF book download by Glen Hooke. Feel free to get instant access to Glen Hooke's lotto system now! 100 million. Sounds like a lot, huh. Australia’s Powerball is jackpotting to $100 million dollars this week. Not long ago I wrote about being a little bit jelly of a Canberra man who won $50 million all to himself. Last night at the dinner table the kids and us talked about what we might do if we won $100 million dollars.It was an interesting discussion because as some of them noted, it’s so much, you wouldn’t need more than $1million to really do things like pay the mortgage (none of them have a mortgage yet). We talked about who you might tell – pretty much no one, as the false friends and party people will help you spend it then disappear. We talked about those big winners of lotto in the past, and how many of them are now back to where they started as they’ve spent it all (or had it spent for them) and sometimes worse off because they’ve lost friends or relationships.