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The Flat Belly Flush PDF eBook by Derek Wahler full download. Feel free to share this weight loss system with your friends on Facebook! Well, this was a nice weigh in. Lose 3lbs last week. I was surprised because I was so stressed that it wouldn’t work out in my favor. It's nice to say I have officially lost 30lbs! Even with my schedule being as hectic as it was this week and not paying as close attention to what I was eating I was still able to lose it! I have been researching all kinds of stuff associated with weight loss as you can tell from my last post and I am planning on sharing more of my research and trying some of my research. So the other day while I was at work, one of my coworkers who is also on a weight loss journey asked me if I tried juice diets or cleanses. I am not going to lie I looked some of them up and I am always suspicious when something tells me I will lose 10lbs in a week. I am not denying that you won’t lose it I am just saying if there a cleanse that will have you lose 10lbs AND keep it off? It seems like losing ten pounds and then gaining it right back would not only be a waste but it would ruin some spirits of someone trying to lose weight. I know I would be bummed. This weekend my step dad and my mom are going out of town so I am worried I will not be motivated to take a hike without them and I am worried I will get lost in the woods:/ There is a pavement road that I think I will give a try tomorrow. I think I might need to ask someone to watch my kid though because usually my step dad and I will go at a faster pace while my mom walks with my son and then we meet up and I walk back with my son and cool down. Well, we will see how it goes! BTW- I will probably not blog tomorrow because I am going to a house warming party and will be going straight to bed after.