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Karl Dittmann's Fast Forex Profit ebook PDF free download.  AUDUSD, which has been on the rise overall ever since the end of May, but declining day-to-day after August 16th and consolidating over the last four days, has been rising during the last twelve to fourteen hours (@ 2:00 GMT) which means it is still in consolidation. (My eyes see a symmetrical triangle pattern that began forming on August 23rd, though it might also be interpreted as an ascending triangle that began forming on August 24th.

GBPJPY has been falling overall for a whole year now but began rising relatively steadily day-to-day for a little more than a week until yesterday when it turned south—but NOT in a very convincing manner. GBPUSD has also been falling for an entire year, but began consolidating after the plunge of June 24th. It had been rising day-to-day since August 16th, but turned south yesterday. I have no idea where it is going from here, since it is currently acting like it wants to head north again.