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Family Survival Plans blueprint download as file in PDF format. Feel free to share this ebook with your friends on Facebook! When you see it on the news; you have a comment and reaction. When it hits you at home; you have to put action with your words and take responsibility in making a better difference! That is exactly what Steven Furtick is doing at Elevation Church among this disheartening and unfathomable violence in Charlotte. In regards to these riots; wisdom doesn't create this kind of violence and protests; wisdom doesn't aim to hurt others or attempt to justify another's actions with critical pretense. Wisdom listens to God and lives in obedience to His will and ways. Wisdom aims to love without discrimination, judgement or racism. Our Culture and Society has bombarded us with an outpouring of media that not only provides news; but provides falsity; encourages an outrage of anger by focusing on NEGATIVE implications; and it's quick to allow anyone to provide their opinion, making it an assumption rather than a truth. Is there racism running rampant in this world? Absolutely. Is prejudice common? Yes. Is there unnecessary violence, discrimination, division and people dying because of all this evil? Yes! Click here to download Family Survival Plans PDFWhat can we do as a people who love others and care about the will of God? We can pray, stand up and stand strong for the Word of God that says to love one another. We can use our voices, platforms and daily lives to impact the world in a loving, encouraging and life giving way. We are the light of the world. We have a choice every day to be of the world but not in the world. In the midst of the pain, in the middle of the mess, in the center of the chaos; we must remain constant in prayer and focused on Jesus Christ as the answer! God, we need your help! We need your strength, peace and your incomprehensible, supernatural love to embrace us as a Country as we learn to love and not hate. Help us all Jesus! Amen! Download Family Survival Plans PDF guide.