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Family Survival Plan PDF book risk free download. Almost two months since we arrived here. We don’t have much to show as far as progress towards our build. We’ve gotten caught up in the red tape and paperwork from the county. Hopefully we’ll actually get some work done in October. That seems like a very long time to have nothing happening, especially since I know the winds of winter are just around the corner. The weather can be so unpredictable here in Colorado. We could have snow in September or none until late December. Who knows? Meanwhile we continue to collect tires for our build. We have two pretty big stacks of them. Dave stopped by to visit with our neighbor and he shared all sorts of horror stories about his experiences living up here in a camper during the winter and spring months. He stayed in his camper for four years while his house was being built. I pray ours doesn’t take that long. I’m pretty content in here now, but I might go a little stir crazy come January. Especially with the grandkids underfoot. He told Dave that the wind was so bad during the spring, it moved his camper twenty feet.