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Family Law Secrets Revealed PDF eBook free download. There is a lovely heart warming post going around Facebook at the moment, about how a chap gets up early to help his children entertain his ex on her birthday and how he gets flowers and a gift for her from them. And that it’s bigger than you – rise above her behaviour. Let me tell you a story about how it might play out, away from the platitudes of Facebook. Shortly before last Christmas I took my children shopping – we found some lovely presents and cards, we wrapped them together, we took them back to her house to make sure she had them for Christmas. I was moderately put out that there was no reciprocation, but I thought, well, you never know, something will come with them when to come to mine after Christmas for the “Christmas Holiday Time” with their father. Anyway, they didn’t turn up. I got a phone call saying they weren’t coming, they were breaching the court order. It turned out that as well as this she’d decided to make allegations about me to the police and social services to bolster her breach and, it also turned out, to apply to the court to cut their contact with me. Thus began 9 months of hell. I was investigated three times by two different police forces. More times than I can even begin to remember by four different social services team.