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Ex Attraction Formula PDF eBook download by Elizabeth Stone. Feel free to read this dating guide. Highly recommended to all lonely girls. I don’t know if anyone following my blog back in August would remember a rare incident where I was approached by an attractive woman in the local Wegmans supermarket (I think it was around the aisle where the sources are). She told me that my freckles were beautiful and that she couldn’t stop looking at them. Of course, my anxiety and social awkwardness ruined any potential connection or so I thought. I woke up just now to find 2 messages on Tinder. I’m very surprised that she still remembers me, after all, this time (almost a year). It was definitely a missed connection of some sort though, even if it was just meant to be a friendship. I also made the assumption that she was seeing me as a male, when in fact both the message and her initial reaction to me indicated otherwise. I did reply and I really hope I get to meet her. Do you know how some people you meet for the first time just seem “familiar” somehow? That’s how I felt with her….like we’d crossed paths before but in another life.