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End Tiredness Program ebook PDF download by Tina Hagen & Peter Novak. I was too exhausted yesterday to take my usual approach to write a blog to queue for the next day. My plan had been to have a nap but to wake up, either in the middle of the night or at the very least in the morning before 9 am, and write then. I told my boyfriend this on the few occasions he woke me to try to make sure I had a chance to do what I felt I needed to do. He took me at my word (or decided that sleep was more important than me writing a blog which could instead be written at any point today) and left me to sleep. I didn’t wake up – of course, I didn’t. I dreamed a couple of ideas and was even half-convinced I’d written them down; the first thing I did when I woke up for real was checked the “blog posts” section to make sure I hadn’t queued/posted some rambling, unedited, sleep warped rubbish.