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Eczema In Control PDF eBook download. Feel free to share this guide with your friends on Facebook! Husband and ADHD boy and Kinder boy were away for camp. So I spent the weekend with Tourrette boy and Eczema girl. I thought I would have time and energy to move furniture and sew late into the night both nights.  Tourrette boy is exhausting. I went to bed early both nights and slept in both mornings. I got nothing done, but it was well worth it. My patience with his outbursts was vastly improved for all the extra hours of sleep. I can not change the hand I have been dealt with. I can not divorce my children.  But there are things I can control. If we are going to live a crazy life full of super busy late night early morning schedules, I can encourage early bedtimes every chance I get. Quiet time, alone time, for each of the very special people in my family, including me.