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Neal Mattson's ED Management Guide PDF program download. Feel free to share this ebook with your friends on Facebook! Okay, so I apologize in advance for any offensive, sexual, crazy, or rude things that you’ll read. But I can’t help it so… you can either continue reading or click on another post. Again, sorry in advance. Where do I start? Hmm, I guess we can start with freshman year. That’s the year I got kicked out of school and the year everything went to hell. Including me. No, literally, I may rot in hell for the things I’ve done. When I was a freshman I snuck out of my house a lot. I’d go hang out with this girl May and her friend Alex and we would all go get high together, whether it be pills, cough syrup, or weed. That’s where I met this boy Dillon. Long story short we fucked and about a month later we started dating. At the time I wasn’t allowed to date so I would sneak him over to my house when my mom was at work and we’d have sex in my garage. Anyways, my mom found out about it one day and slapped the hell out of me. I remember being so pissed off and crying in my bed.