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Jeff Walker's Cyber Defense Protocol PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this guide with your followers on Twitter. Hopefully the Department of Defense will put better security defenses in place to safe guard every aspect of our next 6 generation fighter jet technologies secret to prevent it from being stolen by the Chinese and Russians like they've stolen the designs of the F-22, F-35, and our other stealth drone aircrafts. It's a well known fact that that's what happened given the fact that their latest stealth fighters and drones looks so much like ours. If anything the US should put a lot of knowledge in building a newer cyber firewall system in it's cyber networks that would make it literally impossible to be penetrated by any foreign government in the world. Also, bend training of all government and civilian contractors on OPSEC. Well look. Trump is being urged to get the Debates to be focused on three issues: Benghazi, Clinton Emails and Clinton Foundation. I want to hear about Emergency Management, Homeland and National Security. In addition I want to hear more about Trump's Trickle Down Illusion, Obstructionism and Immigration Reform. I want hear Defense Spending, Foreign Policy and International Relations that achieve Security and Stability. I want to know about Global Warming and Domestic Stability. I want to hear about Sustainability and Educational needs in the 21st Century. I want to hear about Cyber Warfare and Security. I want to know why Trump excludes NATO as an Integral part of Our Strong Defense. Finally, I want to know how in the Hell a Loser and untalented schlep like Trump is going to achieve and Maintain American Exceptionalism, As, Trump is just one mediocre real estate baron who peaks and troughs from one Bankruptcy to another.