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Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection (2nd Edition) PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Christmas is family time. Normally. If you have been following along so far you will remember that I spoke about being excited for Christmas and enjoying those large lunches with family. Those were great. But as I have mentioned there came a time when the true meaning of Christmas became apparent to me and as that happened I really desired to spend the day reflecting on that, the lunches did not do that. Don’t get me wrong the meals were good, and I enjoy the time I spend with my family but we weren’t on the same page in this regard. I wasn’t the only one in my group that felt this way. There was a group of us, saved out of families that didn’t see Christ as worthy. One Christmas we decided that we should just have dinner together. It was that day, many years ago that a tradition was started. We would have lunches with our family and then we would meet for dinner as the family of Christ for dinner. Ok it was more of a light meal / desert time since we would normally be really full from our lunches but it was a sweet time together (pun kinda intended). This was a time we would just fellowship with one another as believers. We could reflect on what the day truly meant and we could just have clean fun together. Since that first year we have tried to to keep that tradition because we see the value of spending that time together and spending time with others that understood the reason for the season. As you make plans for your Christmas day this year, once you have attended church to worship, ask yourself how will you be spending the day? Be intentional on spending the day with others that understand why it is a significant day. Click Here to Download Creative Youth Ideas Christmas Collection (2nd Edition) by Ken & Josh.