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Conquer Low Platelets PDF book download, Louis Cruz. My little story on ITP, 6 months after being diagnosed with ITP. I still can’t get used to the word diagnosed when I believe there isn’t anything at all wrong with me! Funny to think back that I believed I only had low iron. Having constant doctor appointments every two weeks, whilst attending one of the appointments a nurse said to me ‘ when did you get diagnosed with this illness ‘ this certainly took me back as I never believed I ever had or have an illness! ITP simply, in a nutshell, is low platelets where my blood will not clot so if I cut myself I would just keep bleeding sounds good yea, yea! So the symptoms would have been bruising, pinpoint blood spots all over my body. One of the worst symptoms was nausea as I found it impossible to do anything but stay in bed. Well, currently my feelings on the subject are that I think I’d rather have not found out I had low platelets, this being as the medication I’m on to stabilize it has literally been the worst experience in my life to date.