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Sarah Grace's Charming Him PDF eBook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! We didn’t connect. Anyway, in order to minimize the chances of this potentially happening again, I now chat with the prospect in a certain way. My messages will, at some point, not end with a question or necessarily directly invite a reply. They will contain enough information so as not to be boring and to have at least a couple of threads for her to be able to tug on by way of a reply. My thinking is, she needs to have enough about her to be able to carry a conversation without my asking a direct question. If she only replies when I’ve sent a message that explicitly requires a response, that’s not enough. It’s a bad sign, in my opinion. I also feel like, hang on, why am I the one who has the burden/responsibility of having to impress you? I know, you receive 20 messages per day and I receive 20 messages per year so it’s down to me to stand out. Well, I don’t care if you’re the most popular girl ever to have darkened the doorway of the online dating sphere. You’re still going to have to show me you’re worth meeting before we arrange a date. And if you don’t want to, not a problem. You’ve done me a favour by filtering yourself out. Does this all sound a bit arrogant? I think maybe it does but all I’m trying to say is just because I’m almost certainly getting significantly less attention than she is from the opposite sex, does that mean I can’t have standards? I don’t think so. So I’m not saying it’s a bulletproof, foolproof strategy. I’m sure some would think, wow this guy doesn’t ask me much about myself, I’m going to forget about him and move on. And that is perfect. It’s exactly what I need to happen and it actually helps me. If she were really interested, she’d want to carry the conversation. So by getting replies to my ‘test’ messages, I know that she’s a) interested and b) has the capacity to hold a conversation. Again, I realize it’s not a foolproof plan. She might just be bad at messaging or something. But in the imperfect world of online dating, I need a strategy in place to act as a filter and therefore reduce the risk of another date in which awkward silences rule the night and the misery of two people sitting there pretending to be interested in one another and wondering how long they have to stay before it’s acceptable to leave without seeming rude. Do you this is a terrible idea and will result in never getting a date ever again? Do you, whether you’re male or female, adopt a similar tactic when talking to people online? I’d be interested to know your thoughts.