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Cellulite Buster Program by James Perkins PDF free download. The first time I took my son to the local pool wound up a personal journey for his mother. On our way out the door I experienced some anxiety regarding the unknown; it was my then four-month-old’s first trip to the pool (really, to any water outside of the bathtub) and I was concerned the other children may splash too near my baby. I also briefly wondered what the other moms looked like as I considered how much my rear-end resembles the peel of an orange. Those last thoughts were fleeting as I considered how much my baby would love the water. In fact, it wasn’t until my run the following day that I seriously examined my apprehension. James has been a fishy since he was born and the pool was no different. He loved every minute in the water! Although our swim time extended long after he usually winds down for bed, James managed to stay calm, observant, and even relaxed. It was an entirely wonderful experience. Since realizing I had fleeting thoughts of insecurity before heading to the pool I have spent a fair amount of time feeling guilty about them.My son doesn’t care that I have cellulite. My son cares that he experienced something new. My son was so content with his afternoon in the pool that he actually slept through the night for the sixth time ever. James cares about things like feeling the water on his chubby little legs and between his perfect little toes. He cares about watching the other children play and hearing their voices. James cares about feeling the warm sun in the air contrast with the cool water below his chest. He cares about the funny smell of chlorine.