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Boxing Fitness Foundations by Jake Toney book PDF free download. It was a short workout last night. I did two rounds of drills to warm up, then put on my gloves and did a round on the heavy bag, before we started three rounds of drills led by Billy. During the first of these three rounds, I tweaked my knee somehow and it locked. I got through the last two rounds, and I tried a round of Lauras, but 15 seconds into that round, I knew I had to quit for the night. Came home and iced and elevated it. Hopefully, it’ll be fine for tonight’s workout. Yeah, so maybe let’s talk about this diet* thing again. I am, generally, a pretty clean eater. The last several weeks, in particular, I’ve been more conscious of what kinds of foods are fuelling my body. Then, the kids found baking and cooking. Then, one of my coaches said, “You don’t even have to lose weight for your fight, eat the tarts.” Now, I feel…sluggish. Granted, I went a little overboard following, “…eat the tarts,” but nothing extreme. Saturday, Sunday, and Monday’s eating simply served to remind me that food really is fuel, and the ways in which I fuel my body have a direct and clear impact on how I feel. So, back to clean eating until Fight Night. There will be the occasional treat (for my sanity), but I won’t indulge like I did. *Note: When I talk about ‘diet,’ I simply mean the kind of food that a person habitually eats; not some restrictive form of eating.