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Sylvia Favela's Bodyweight Pilates System PDF ebook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! People who come to health services expect that as a nurse you are an open encyclopedia of illness, and although most of the time we know what the patient’s illness is about, sometimes we don’t. Because we have never seen it in the hospital because it is rare or we have forgotten it. The important thing is to always look for other colleagues who know or research in books. In addition, it rarely helps to ask the patient or family about their illnesses, since they can not describe it, or even know the name of the disease or treatment they take. Most of the time if they do not know their illnesses, we consult their previous file and when they are leaving the hospital we ask them and their families to always carry a list of the diseases that they suffer and the treatments that they use and how they use them.