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Susan Hill's Book Body for Golf PDF Free Download

Susan Hill's Book Body for Golf PDF Free Download | E-Books & Books (Pdf Free Download) | Scoop.it

Susan Hill's book Body for Golf free download (.pdf). At our new home we have access to the private golf course. I have not played actual golf in over 10 years. I have probably been to a driving range twice in the same 10 years. I admire the sport and want to improve my skills. I went to the driving range today and upon careful analysis of my swing, I realized I really do not know what I am doing. Do I move my left foot? I thought so, but yesterday the pro said no. So I signed up for some lessons and will blog about what I learn. I currently have no clubs, no balls. I did buy a glove to avoid blisters and bought some clothes to wear. The golf club has strict rules on clothing that I do not plan on breaking. I have a funny feeling that I am going to hit our house. Our backyard is 200ft from the first tee. I really hope not. Any tips for a beginner golfer? Yes! 

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Scooped by Marie Hunt

Body for Golf Susan Hill Book PDF Free Download

Body for Golf Susan Hill Book PDF Free Download | E-Books & Books (Pdf Free Download) | Scoop.it

Body for Golf by Susan Hill ebook PDF free download. The scene on the Aspen Lakes Golf Course practice range is a familiar one: Golfers in line sending golf ball after golf ball into the blue Central Oregon sky, then watching as the white spheres come crashing down on their emerald-green resting place. Golfers working on their games like this can be seen at most any practice facility. But for Howie Pruitt, Aspen Lakes PGA director of player development, he sees a different kind of practice session … something less productive. “I walk the line and ask what they are working on, and I usually get a blank stare from golfers,” Pruitt said. “But for a practice session to be productive, you can’t just be spraying balls down the range. Every shot has to have a purpose.” What’s a golfer to do to get more out of a session? Well, Pruitt suggests a few easy drills. It starts with a simple training aid: driveway markers. With driveway markers, or at least a suitable replacement, golfers can: Practice their alignment by setting up a single stick to align the stance; Set two markers up, one for your stance and another set up parallel to the first stick, create a target path for each shot; Set up two sticks perpendicular to one another to check ball position.