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Black Ops Hypnosis 2.0 - Dark Side Edition by Cameron Crawford free download (pdf files & videos). I have been reading Cameron Crawford’s writing. I enjoy them so much that I am slowly savouring it, one e-book page at a time. I love books, the idea of books, the substance of a book, but I hardly read a book from cover to cover. The idea of getting lost in a book, much like being in a deep trance, is alluring to me, and, at the same time, a little unnerving. In a deep trance facilitated by others, we may not know what to expect. However, in Cameron’s writing, the story of his experience as a psychotherapist is both entertaining and enriching. And I trust him. I know to expect learning, and I learn. But I wonder, how did he get all his clients to agree to him writing about them in detail like that? I don’t have an answer. But in his writing where non-fiction intermingles with fiction, I decided that maybe I can try fictionalising some of my real-life experiences, and write them for the benefit of the readers too. So let me start with fictionalising… myself. Well, it is only fiction because I am playing two role concurrently, but the case is very real and present. I feel a therapist has to go through therapy regularly to dislodge and resolve unhealthy thoughts, and transform negativity. Same goes for me. Here, I shall experiment on a form of self-therapy, by me performing psychotherapy on myself. As a therapist, I call myself Li Zhen (Therapist). As a client now, I call myself Roan (Client).