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Adam Armstrong's book Better In Bed free download (.pdf). Mr. Moment is still a lame ass douchebag who has syphillis. Ask me how I know? He told me! How fucking gross!! I really don’t wish him best or luck. I hope his girlfriend dumps his ass and he never has a happy life.. My fantasies about him have died. On a more positive note, my boyfriend (who is my daughter’s dad) is really trying! I’m very happy about that except… we aren’t having sexual relations. I’m not in the mood, he’s not in the mood, and neither of us are cheating. I use to be very sexual pre-baby, now I’m doa. I don’t want to be this way. I don’t know what to do to change it either. Aside from that the relationship is ok.  We may get married, we may not. We still have to learn each other as individuals and parents.