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Banish Tonsil Stones guide by Diane Puttman full & legal download in PDF format. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Twitter. So as most of you know i have lupus and rhumetoid arthritis and i was diagnosed at 13. While pregnant woth nova of course i couldnt take much of anything because i was pregant which was fine because my RA was in remission while i was pregnant. Well im still not on anything because i have to have my tonsils removed at the end of the month. My pain for the past three weeks and stiffness has been pretty bad although i dont show it or complain about it. They give me pain meds of course but they ease it but the pain doesnt go away. I have been swelling also. Well before i got pregnant i used to take apple cider vinegar everyday. I stopped while pregnant. I may have been able to while pregnant but i just didnt. Well today i decided to drink some this morning and believe it or not within about 20 minutes i could feel the tension in my back and the pain throughout my body getting better. I am posting this because i know others who have some medical issues that may benefit from this and even if you dont this is supposed to help prevent things naturally also. Its supposed to be good for Inflammation, asthema, sinuses, RA, high blood pressure, fibrominalga, fights cancer, pain, gives you energy, i even read it helps with kidney stones and uti high cholesterol, acne, acid reflux, helps you loose and manage weight helps prevent a cold and ia also good for anxiety. Im going to see if i can get trinity to start taking it also. It is not very tasty at all but the benefits are worth the taste and it is something you get used to. They also have the pill form of it at GNC though i never have used them which i believe the liquid would absorb in your body better. If you try it make sure you get apple cider vinegar with the mother apple in it. I use the braggs brand. Its worth a try if you have some medical issues and even if you dont its worth it for all the other benefits. I didnt list all of what it is good for there is alot more if you get free time look it up. Diane Puttman's ebook Banish Tonsil Stones PDF