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Scott Sonnon's BAD45 PDF eBook download. Feel free to share this book with your friends on Facebook! Hello everyone! So Fridays are my day of the week that I try to get in a full-body cardio exercise to finish my work week outright and to get a good start on the weekend. Generally, I wake up an hour early, get a 30-40 minute workout in, whether it be running, a HIIT circuit, or a full-body cardio exercise like T25 Focus Cardio. This morning I failed on that early rising and decided to sleep in, so I’ve been trying to plan out a speedy less than 20 minutes HIIT workout I can get in right after work before I start getting ready for a night of drinks with the girls! This workout comes out to 17 minutes and 45 seconds long! The sets alternate between upper body and lower body with an additional cardio and ab exercise per set to keep your heart pumping. This is a quick and simple workout that you can do at home! All you need is your body weight and a set of dumbbells that you’re comfortable with!