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ACL Surgery Recovery by Jon Haver at home video fuide free download (pdf files & videos). I wanted to share with you a story that is very typical in this battle of addiction. You see many think that the addiction issue is all because people chose to become addicted. First, NOT ONE of them chose to be addicted. Secondly, there is a story behind every soul. Please read. From his mother: 7 years ago today my son had ACL surgery. It also was the beginning of his disease of addiction. We were so unaware of and unprepared for,Wow what a struggle it has been for all of us. He is in his second long term treatment center now and is about 2 months clean. He looks so good and is doing well, but I know and so do you ,that it can all be lost in a day, so I have gave him over to my God and we will live just for today. I pray for all who suffer with addiction and for all of their families . It is a tough battle but we must never give up hope! Think before you judge.