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The 7 Day Fat Destroyer system PDF ebook download by Bernice Bender. Quitting dieting is just a decision like picking a pair of shoes. You pick em, you put em on and you walk out the door. I was listening to a few podcasts, reading a few articles and then a light bulb went on. Just do it. I read Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating, skimming the pages because suddenly this all seemed so “duh” and I can’t believe I ever thought any other way. You make the decision and then it’s like you hit cruising altitude. Things are going great, bring out the bev cart! One time, I even forgot I had ice cream sandwiches in my freezer and didn’t eat them for a week. A WEEK. Normally, I’d gobble those suckers up within a couple of days just because they were there and because I needed to eat the bad food as soon as possible. Once I did, things would be right and I’d be good again. That was a huge milestone, do not have food looming over me like that.