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51 Texts That Make Her Addicted To You ebook by Ning Li free download in PDF format. Omg yes so much truth! Facebook, IG, Twitter, Snapchat, whatever, are not fucking dating apps people. If you're in a relationship with someone then be WITH THEM. Guys- don't keep all the multitude of rando female friends who constantly post sexy selfies with their gobs of makeup for attention, "like" all the pics, and think your girl isn't going to see, or feel disrespected. We all have a degree in lurkology, we see ALL! And quit being creeps on girls with bfs for heavens sake.. And ladies- we all have those days where we feel sexy/cute/hot af.. And a selfie here and there is all about capturing those sometimes rare moments BUT keep it classy and if you know a man is taken, keep to yourself! Don't be like/commenting/sharing all his shit or hitting up the dm. No wonder people have trust issues.. We live in an age of cheating, lying, sneaking, and exploiting.. People nowadays have zero respect for their own and other people relationship. Look at the shit we're calling love these days. If you are still looking at other people with lust in your heart and eyes while you're with someone,then you've got it all wrong. Appreciate, but that's it.. If you wouldn't want your partner doing it, chances are, they don't want you to either (late night thoughts when I can't sleep and I've taken a week long break from fb only to come back and be just as annoyed with other people's bs).