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4 Cycle Fat Loss Solution eBook by Shaun & Karen Hadsall free download (.pdf). This post is for those who have little to no time to train. Let’s say life has gotten in the way, you’ve got a promotion at work, a new bouncing baby or just no motivation to do more than 2 days per week training. All are viable reasons to use this method I will give you today. It’s not gospel, it’s simply a guide and you can mould it to fit your specific needs. Here are the workouts: Day 1 – Squat; Press (Overhead or Dip); Chin Up or Row. Day 2 – Deadlift (trap bar ideally); Press (Overhead or Dip); Chin Up or Row. Hypertrophy: 50 to 100 reps per lift (half this for deadlift 25-50). Strength: 25-50 reps per lift (DL = 15-25). Endurance/Fat Loss: Timed sets of 15min per lift of AMRAP. Rep Goals = Goal Dependant, rep ranges for Hyp are best in the 8-12, str the 2-6 and end are just as many as possible with good form in repeated bout efforts. You can also play with tempo, rest periods and a whole host of other variables so find what works and run with it. Add weight where you can, if you can’t add weight add reps, if that’s not possible add sets, hit the rep goal however possible and remember that the key to progression is progression. You obviously have other options but these are some example that are tried and tested. The reason you have only three move per workout is because they will hit all the major muscles, the limited moves will also force you to maximise the reps and up your effort levels. Boring but brutally effective.