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30 Day Food Makeover by Jess Lee ebook free download (.pdf). It seems as if everybody’s going on a diet! Well, not quite. But people call my office all the time asking about our “diet” program. I don’t have one. I have a weight loss program that is anything but a diet. There is some good news though. This past year we saw that only 20% of Americans are now on diets, down from 31% in 1991. This is really good news because it is indicating that people are finally getting the message. Diets just don’t work! “Well”, you say, “I lost 25 pounds on such and such a diet.” That may be true, and all diets will give you some initial weight lose because they all cut your calories. But, let’s look at the long term. How much do you weigh two years after your initial weight loss? And what happens 5 years later? At what nutritional cost is this diet that you are on?